Walking the Rainforest

Imagine the forest where everything is three times taller, thicker and denser as in common European forest. And then, imagine a forest, which is even bigger. Then, you can get a picture of how the real Malaysian rainforest looks like. But that is not all, there are more differences.

In a tropical rainforest the climate is so extremely humid that if you take a few steps, you are completely wet in a moment. After first half an hour in rainforest I was as wet as if I had surfaced from the river. And don’t count on that clothes will dry out during the night.

If you go to rainforest during monsoon season (as we did) prepare to dozens of bloodthirsty leeches on every step. But leeches aren’t dangerous, there aren’t disease carriers (as opposed to mosquitos), leeches are “only” really bothering. On the internet, you can read a lot of tutorials on how you should get rid of these nasty creatures. But if you find three leeches per ten minutes on your legs you forget every tutorial and just tear them off.

So is it really worth to visit rainforest? Definitely! Everything is so stunning and you feel as a part of enormous green organism. Cycle of life can be seen everywhere – in monstrous vital trees and in rotten dead soil too, in colorful flowers and in grey fallen leaves too… And the most important is that if you will ever hear about destruction of rainforests, it won’t seem only as a matter of some distant exotic countries which cannot affect your homeland. You will understand better because you EXPERIENCED IT.

Welcome to Taman Negara, one of the oldest rainforest in the world:


Second set of photographs were taken in Khao Sok National Park (Thailand). Trees weren’t so monstrous and jungle wasn’t so dense like in Taman Negara, but it was still nice piece of unspoiled nature. We hit the jungle lightly dressed with intention to visit a famous flooded cave.


And just another great cave from Thailand, one of the most beautiful I have ever seen.


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